About The Program

Digital transformation requires the ability to make innovative use of new technologies to create new value and help achieve strategic business goals.

This program is designed for managers, leaders, and consultants who want to complement their ability to manage and lead transformation with knowledge of how to innovate with the latest technologies.

To successfully orchestrate digital transformation you need to fully understand the latest digital technologies in a 360° business context.

More Than 300 Video Lessons With Subtitles

What You Will Learn:

  • How to leverage the 10 technologies to build new business models and optimise 14 functions of any organisation.
  • The way 30 bleeding edge companies have been built or grown using technology centred business models.
  • How 50 companies (including CXO Transform) have used the technologies to transform their businesses.
  • How to create your own digital use cases to use in your own transformation.
  • The complexity and competitive potential between product, process, and business model innovation.
  • The 4 types of business model transformation and the 8-step business model innovation process
  • How to pass the final exam and become a Certified Technology Innovation Practitioner.

The Best Transformation Managers and Leaders Are Experts In Both Key Capabilities Shown Below