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Digital Transformation Management Certification

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"I really enjoyed the Digital Business Transformation Management course. I found especially interesting the THRIVE Framework, which provided a comprehensive view about the issues to reflect and to consider to successfully (and really) transform the business."

- Antonio Urquiza [Certified] - AVP Finance Transformation, Met Life, USA

"The course did not disappoint me, as it comprehensively covered all the aspects what, why and how of digital business transformation, through the patented THRIVE framework There are so many myths and stories that are floating around on this hot topic.

A course like this is required for transformation professionals to ground their understanding on what is digital business transformation all about and how to go about maturing their knowledge and skills, to play their role in delivering a successful digital business transformation."

- Lakshmanan Subbiah [Certified] - Director - Global Delivery & AMS, Fujitsu, Australia

"The Digital Business Transformation Management training was very inspirational and energizing. It brought lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies and experience-based learning. Well-balanced composition of content, which contributed to interesting and focused lessons and material."

- Rami Odeh [Certified] - Chief Consulting Services Officer

"We help companies when they get into financial distress. In some cases, they are already experiencing the impact of some form of disruption. Being able to provide a qualified, high level overview of Digital Transformation can change their perspective completely. It goes hand-in-hand with business turnaround.

The training provides a solid foundation to understand the imperatives of digital transformation. Using the principles detailed in the course, practitioners can initiate qualified (and potentially uncomfortable) discussions which inevitably must occur."

- Steve Conolly - Director, SeaLevel Turnaround | Turnaround Practitioner

Digital Transformation Management Jobs Pay Extremely Well

This course can help you get onto and up the transformation management ladder.

By taking our online Digital Business Transformation Course you'll learn how to lead complex transformation at companies with workforces that range from 500 to several hundred thousand in size.

The fact that 1000's of transformations are now struggling, stalling or not even getting started, demonstrates the massive shortage of transformation management capability throughout the world. Many senior managers and leaders are suffering because while they understand how to manage and lead their "operational" business, they typically don't have the time, knowledge, or experience to successfully manage and lead the "transformation" of their business.

As a result, firms are willing to pay well for the new transformation management professionals they need to achieve strategic goals and satisfy stakeholders.

If it's time for you to acquire the knowledge and certification you need to enter or excel in one of the most exciting careers of the century, this training is for you. Not only will it help you secure the best transformation roles, it will also upgrade your capabilities so you can perform at your best in any current transformation role you might be undertaking.

By taking this course, you can acquire two components you need to be successful in your digital transformation management career: Knowledge and Certification.

"Achieving certification to prove my skill sets to my customer base is why I chose to do this course. I think the THRIVE framework will help me and my customers achieve success even more rapidly than before. Additionally, the course content is strong and delivered in an effective method. The reason I would recommend this course is that it provides a strong framework for success in the digital economy."

- Brian Roche [Certified] - Director - Technology and Transformation Strategist

"The course provided an excellent framework to provide a platform for discussions on how to transform and take advantage of the Digital Economy. Anyone who is interested in or involved with driving an organisation through the digital economy and transforming business models should enrol."

- Philip Carpenter [Certified] - Head of Solution Delivery and Propositions Officer

"Digital transformation is about the growth & sustainability of your business in an age of accelerating change. The Digital Business Transformation Management course emphasizes that this transformation must be holistic in nature - potentially impacting everything from your business model down to day-to-day operations. Yet every company's transformation journey will be different. The THRIVE framework pulls together multiple disciplines to provide a solid foundation for this journey.

Any company that is not approaching digital transformation in a comprehensive manner will ultimately find themselves having spent a lot of money traveling down the wrong road. Professionals desiring a true picture of digital transformation and how to successfully lead it would benefit from this thought-provoking course."

- Terry Bennett - Digital Transformation Leader / Fractional CIO

"To develop a sound Digital Enterprise Strategy, a thorough understanding of underlying concepts of DTM is crucial. That's why I was looking for a platform which could provide holistic but authentic perspective on all the dimensions of DTM. This is exactly where this course provided the best solution."

- Muhammad Muzaffar [Certified] - Strategy & Operations Consultant

"It gave me a fantastic grounding in what true digital transformation requires and how to get there. Some of the situations explained on the course I’ve seen working for different companies and the course explains why these situations occur and how to avoid some common pitfalls regarding digital transformation. The subjects discussed are related to the digital world we live in now and are a must for anyone wanting to exist in the digital transformation space today."

- Michael Stewart [Certified] - Digital Finance Business Partner

Digital Business Transformation Management Certification - Registered on the BitCoin Blockchain

Providing you answer at least 80% of questions correctly in the 75 minute online multiple choice exam, you will be awarded the Foundation Level Digital Business Transformation Management Certificate. This will immediately add credibility and weight to your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile, job interviews, internal promotions, and separate you from the crowd.

Your digital certificate will be registered on the BitCoin blockchain, cryptographically signed, and tamper proof. Powerful social sharing features enable you to quickly promote your credentials across 100's of social media channels.


10 Outcomes The Course Can Help You Achieve

1. Be among the small number of Certified Transformation Managers available

2. Secure cutting edge digital transformation initiatives to work on

3. Reassure hiring managers with your transformation knowledge and certification

4. Help teams work with one common approach to transformation

5. Remove resistance to innovate, digitise and transform

6. Get involved with initiatives that are both innovative and transformational

7. Move on from working with firms that lack budget, capability and ambition

8. Help executives recognise the real business value of your digital initiatives

9. Persuade executives to be more ambitious with both funding and innovation

10. Outperform your competition in the race for the best transformation roles

What Else The Course Will Help You Achieve

By taking this course, you will acquire the broad knowledge you need to confidently convey to companies, why you are the individual they need to help lead or manage their transformation. Transformation that executives need to focus and depend upon in the digital decade ahead - a critical component of their boardroom agenda.

By working your way through the course, you'll acquire the knowledge you need to innovate, digitise and transform any organisation in any industry, in any country. You'll exit the course with more transformation knowledge than most senior managers and leaders have these days.

You expertise in digital transformation will be reflected in the Digital Transformation Management Certification you can acquire. This will set you apart from most professionals who currently lack any form of digital transformation training and certification. This will put you head and shoulders above others when applying for the most sought after transformation management roles.

CXO Transform Founder Rob Llewellyn

Introduces the online course that every serious digital transformation professional should undertake.