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Digital Transformation Courses and Certification

Upgrade your ability to perform at your best and secure the best digital business transformation management and leadership roles.

Programme Enrollment Opens June 2017



By taking the 7 online THRIVE Digital Business Transformation Courses (1 every month) you're going learn how to lead complex large-scale transformation at companies with 500 staff, right up to the world's largest employing hundreds of thousands.

The fact that 1000's of transformations are struggling or not getting started, demonstrates the massive shortage of capable transformation managers and leaders.

If it's time for you to acquire the knowledge and certification you need to help you secure the best transformation roles, and have your profile promoted on one of the world's leading digital transformation platforms, you need to join our online programme in June.


Become a Digital Business Transformation Authority

- Leverage the six guiding principles of digital business transformation
- Take the world's only online training for the THRIVE framework
- Become the go-to digital transformation expert at your firm
- Add weight to your credentials after your training and certification
- Outperform your peers and other candidates with new knowledge & credentials
- Learn at your own pace and in your space

Digital Business Transformation Certification

Certificate of Completion: Your progress is tracked by our platform and every month you will complete one course and one online test. After you have completed all THRIVE courses and tests, you will receive a CXO Transform Certificate of Completion.

Certificate of Accomplishment: In month 8 you will have the opportunity to sit the online THRIVE Practitioner examination. Providing you achieve the required pass mark, you will receive the THRIVE Practitioner Certificate of Accomplishment. You can re-sit the examination at no extra charge.

Both certifications will add weight to your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile, job interviews and promotions, and separate you from the crowd.

Your Profile Showcased on CXO Transform

CXO Transform now enjoys outstanding reach into the corporate transformation community via CXO Weekly and other channels.

When you have obtain the Certificate of Completion, your professional profile with links to your web page, LinkedIn, blog, etc. will be displayed on the CXO Transform platform.

This will increase your credibility and visibility in front of executives looking to engage new transformation managers and leaders.

You Get Access to ...

- More than 7 hours of video - accessible 24 x 7 on any device
- Over 100 THRIVE video lessons - short, convenient and digestible
- Bonus quick-start digital business transformation course
- 10 webinar replays with leading professors and consultants (not for sale)
- Online tests and certification

10 Problems The Course Can Help You Overcome

1. Are you finding it difficult to secure cutting edge digital transformation initiatives to work on?

2. Are the initiatives you get involved with neither innovative or transformational?

3. Are the people you work with unable to agree on one common approach to transformation?

4. Are people resisting the opportunity to innovate, digitise and transform?

5. Do you need to be more successful at proving to firms that you are the person they need?

6. Do you want to move on from working with firms that lack budget, capability and vision?

7. Are your digital initiatives seen as technical solutions instead of transformational?

8. Are executives failing to recognise the real business value of your digital initiatives?

9. Are executives reluctant to be more ambitious with both funding and innovation?

10. Do you need to outperform your competition in the race for the best transformation roles?


What Else The Course Will Help You Achieve

By taking this course, you will acquire the broad knowledge you need to confidently convey to companies, how you are the individual they need to elect to help lead their transformation. Transformation that executives need to focus and depend upon in the digital decade ahead - a critical component of their boardroom agenda.

By working your way through the course videos, you'll acquire the tools and techniques you need to innovate, digitise and transform any organisation in any industry, in any country. You'll exit the course with more transformation knowledge than most senior managers and leaders have these days, and be in a position to confidently advise and guide them.

You expertise in digital transformation will be reflected in the digital transformation certification you can gain at the end of the course. This will set you apart from the crowd that lack any form of digital transformation training and certification.

Your Instructor

Rob Llewellyn
Rob Llewellyn

Rob Llewellyn is the founder of the CXO Transform education platform and an international digital business transformation advisor. Since the 1990s he has helped leading companies such as Unilever, DHL, and many others take commercial advantage of technology.

He has enabled some of the world’s best known brands to get transformation right, and is called upon by leading technology firms like SAP and Mendix for advice and guidance. In 2014 Rob was awarded Global Business Transformation Master status by SAP as a trusted C-suite advisor.

Rob is repeatedly invited to address C-level audiences throughout the world on the topic of digital transformation and is the co-author of several digital transformation publications. He is ranked as the world's 3rd most influential digital transformation individual and with over 45,000 followers is positioned among the top 20 must-follow digital transformation Twitter accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?
> Executives and Senior Managers
From strategy to execution, senior players need to acquire new knowledge to demonstrate more insightful leadership and management in the digital business transformation space.

> Current and Aspiring Managers and Leaders
To gain the confidence of executives, these need to add to their operational capabilities and demonstrate how they will innovate, digitise and transform business.

> Project Managers, Change Managers and Programme Managers
Key players like these need to understand the big picture of digital business transformation, and prepare to support leaders and position themselves for the next step up the career ladder.

> Job Seekers
Any company worth joining has digital business transformation high on its agenda. Demonstrate your knowledge in this space and set yourself apart from most other candidates.
Will the course help me get consulting assignments or a better job?
Demand for you is always going to be down to your own ability to generate new consulting business or secure better roles within a company.
What is the course based on?
The course modules and lessons are structured around the six guiding principles of the THRIVE Digital Business Transformation Framework.
What is the format of the course?
It's 100% video with Rob Llewellyn transferring over 7 hours of solid in-depth transformation knowledge to you. No woffle! This is not for junior level students who need templates. This is for experienced managers and leaders who want hard-core transformation intelligence to upgrade their capabilities.
Do you provide job offers after the course?
No, but if we need additional help to support clients, those that have been through THRIVE training will be the first we turn to for support.
Is the entire course online?
Yes. The course is 100% online video - after all, this is the digital age. So we have removed physical costs such as travel and accommodation by digitising the entire course. We have also removed the inconvenience of having someone else determine how, when and where you can listen to lessons. You are both accountable and in control of your own learning experience.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the courses?
You will continue to have access to the courses for as long as you choose to remain a subscriber to the programme.
Isn't it better to get training from a global corporation?
That's a matter of opinion, and only you can decide if you prefer to pay up to 20 times more than this course will cost you. When the course creator obtained his transformation certification with SAP in 2014, it cost him around USD 10,000. Large entities have a lot of staff and overheads that your fees will help pay for.
How much does all this cost?
You pay a monthly subscription to access all training material and online tests. The exact monthly fee will be announced when enrollment opens.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time. No questions asked.