Our one-to-one coaching provides open-minded business leaders and owners with a confidential and impartial environment to tackle new challenges with the full support of a seasoned trusted advisor.

If you can schedule one day a month for critical thinking about your business, our goal will be to help you outperform the competition and your own historical growth.

Work with a seasoned trusted advisor who has spent years alongside CEOs and other key executives such as ...

CEO of Fortune 100 healthcare company

Co-founder of tech start-up acquired for $800 million

Key executives across Europe and GCC Region

Top-tier business and technology consulting firms

What You Can Expect

Tough questions that motivate high-impact decisions

Opportunities and challenges framed to inspire robust discussion

Emphasis on digitally enabled business transformation

Advice, guidance and support to push your business forward

You and your company are always the centre of attention

How It Works

Tailor-made coaching schedule

Confidential advice and guidance

Tackle what matters most to you

Meet with your coach in-person or on Zoom


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Carsten Tillner - Business Director

Engaged as a trusted advisor, Rob was pivotal in turning a significant international programme from a technology-driven initiative into a business-led component of a wider transformation journey in our multi-national healthcare business.

Gabriel Schild - General Manager

I continue to this day to be impressed with his transformation management skills and international business acumen. He is a highly organized, inspiring and motivated executive who has a laser-sharp focus on getting to positive results.

Jon Kidd - Chief Executive Officer

Rob made a great contribution to one of our most critical and challenging programmes by drawing on his immense knowledge and experiences to construct a comprehensive and detailed plan, and making sure that we all stuck to it.