The Digital Business Transformation Iceberg uses Sigmund Freud’s iceberg concept to illustrate how the conscious mind of digital leaders should be focused on far more than the tip of the digital iceberg. This is vital to avoid the kind of disaster that struck the Titanic on its maiden voyage back in 1912, because the captain failed to see what was beneath the surface.

Beware The Digital Business Transformation Iceberg

The digital business transformation iceberg is designed to encourage digital business transformation leaders to look beneath the surface, and approach digital enterprise transformation holistically. It helps leaders approach digital business transformation with an open mind and primed to answer the questions “what should we transform? - and how do we orchestrate transformation correctly?"

Transformation leaders, whether from IT or the Business, need to be sufficiently equipped and prepared to address all that sits below the surface of the digital iceberg - not just what they see above it.

Even when customer centricity at the tip of the iceberg is deemed to be a firm’s strategic priority, the four components that sit immediately below the surface all need to be sufficiently mature, if digital business transformation initiatives are to be successful.

It’s also important to note that the primary focus needs to be on the business, as opposed to specific technologies. After all, any business should be focused upon its strategic business objectives, and how the innovative use of all available technologies can be used to help achieve those objectives.

Digital Business Transformation Navigation

As with GPS tools that help us get to where we need to be, there are numerous digital business transformation tools and approaches now available to help orchestrate successful transformation programmes. What's key is that leaders engage experienced professionals that have the bandwidth, capability and track record to ensure that what's beneath the surface is properly addressed.

After all, no leader wants to suffer the same fate that saw the demise of the mighty Titanic back in 1912.

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