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Ricardo del Razo - Brazil

As a former Digital Technology Executive at GE I was able to witness the benefits and challenges faced in a company trying to navigate the Digital Transformation journey. The course made me realize the things we should have done differently to increase the benefits of transformation.  

Heidi Furuheim

Heidi Furuheim - Norway

This course gave me a splendid understanding of how to apply the framework. Enroll in this course to quickly grasp the understanding and details required for you to better lead transformation initiatives and increase value to the organizations you work with.

Carsten Tillner

Phil von Behr - Australia

What I like about the course is Axel and Rob bringing it to life, explaining the methodology and how all BTM2 parts work together in a practical context. It provides a methodology that will be the backbone of your transformation tool kit for the rest of your career.

Mihaela-C. Radoi

Mihaela-C. Radoi - Germany

The course provides all the content needed to establish and make real progress in the digital transformation process. Very valuable tools that I feel confident to use in current or future digital initiatives. Definitely worth checking out!

Cosmin Argintar

Cosmin Argintar - Netherlands

An impressive source of information on key elements of business transformation. Covering the entire scope and aspects of a successful business transformation. The knowledge will help you understand and manage transformation holistically.

Virginia Harbord - UK

I searched and reviewed a lot of courses as I wanted to both formalise and strengthen my knowledge. When I found this course I felt that it would be the best course for me and my purposes. The course had excellent content and was presented by a knowledgeable trainer.

Benita C. Meiser

Benita C. Meiser - USA

This course provides a holistic perspective of all aspects of digital business transformation management. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in understanding proactive approaches to digital disruption through new and innovative business models that you can apply for your organization.

Uzair Waheed

Uzair Waheed - Saudi Arabia

Excellent content - very applicable to the role I am currently engaged on. Other transformation professionals should enroll in the course because it provides good insights and knowledge for digital programs. - Uzair went on to put over 50 of his team at Saudi Aramco through the training program.

Lezandi Linström

Lezandi Linström - South Africa

More companies need to realise this, as this is happening faster than we think! This is an amazing course to take. It teaches us in depth about how and what we must do to actually make it work in the Digital Transformation world! THIRVE principles, here we go!

Abdul Salam Knio - Qatar

I found the course extremely valuable as it covers the transformation challenges from all its angles, and can be used a reference to use for all organization sizes and types. This represents a comprehensive and practical guide for the executives undergoing transformation.

Ruwaida Mirdad

Ruwaida Mirdad - Saudi Arabia

The framework, along with the roles and responsibilities described for each individual involved is very comprehensive. If you you are aiming to develop and expand your knowledge in regards to the fundamentals of digital transformation from a holistic prospective, you should take this course.

Phil von Behr

Krishnadas K N - India

This Program has provided very high level information and enhance my consulting ability in Digital Transformation. As the program clearly highlighted as How Caterpillar turns to butterfly, the same way I hope my career will turns in future.

Matt George

Matt George - Australia

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, I found this experience to be of great value. There were so many genuine concepts and frameworks that outline real world experience.

Ana Seliškar

Ana Seliškar - Slovenia

The best value I received from this course is the structure that THRIVE principles place on top of digital transformation efforts making it achievable and less overwhelming. It presents an excellent start for understanding good transformational practices with references to many methodologies and materials.

Salvator Vella

Salvator Vella - Belgium

This gave me a complete view of all the aspects of the digital transformation. While THRIVE is used as mnemonics to help remember the six core principles for a successful journey towards Transformation, it is more than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't taken a transformation course before. What course should I start with?

Over 90% of people start with the THRIVE course. Some people progress from there to the Black Belt Program, while others find that THRIVE gives them all the knowledge they need in their current role.

Are the courses recorded or live?

All courses are pre-recorded, which enable you to study at the times that are suitable for you. It's no longer necessary for you to settle for classes that suit the organiser.

Are there any prerequisites to take any of the courses or Belt programs?


Can I start by taking one Green Belt course, then decide whether to go for my Black or Master Black Belt later?

Yes. The learning program is very flexible.

How many courses (with exams) do I need to do to get a different Belt?

To get a Green Belt, you need to take any one Green Belt course.

To get a Black Belt, you need to take three Green Belt courses.

To get a Master Black Belt, you need to take three Green Belt courses and the Master Thesis module.

Do I have to take all courses?

No. Everyone has their own personal goals and aspirations for their professional career. It's possible that one course is all you need to perform at your best in the type of role you undertake. On the other hand, if you aspire to be among the world's top 5% of transformation professionals, you should aim to become a Master Black Belt.

Is there any supporting material for the courses?

We recommend you acquire certain books, which will complement your knowledge in line with the course you are taking. These are solid reference books based on various frameworks, methodologies and research which you can use in your day-to-day work as a transformation professional.

Which organisation has accredited the courses?

No global governing body exists for business transformation. Like many universities, business schools and companies, we issue our own courses and certificates. Our courses are based on a combination of real-world transformation experience and academic research.

Shouldn't I study through a university?

Most seasoned professionals have moved beyond university level education. A number of university professors take our courses to be better equipped in their teaching roles.

Why are the courses less expensive than those provided by universities and business schools?

Old brick and mortar businesses typically need customers to pay for their huge property and payroll costs. CXO Transform is a digital business, which doesn't need to pass on such costs. We practice what we teach.

I've already taken one of the Green Belt courses above. Can I get a discount on others?

Write to [email protected] explaining what course you are already enrolled in and which other courses you would like to take. One of the team will come back to you with the options available to you.

I've already taken the THRIVE course. Does that count in the Belt Program?

No. THRIVE is based on a set of principles and it provides a very broad and high level understanding of Digital Business Transformation. The Belt Program goes much deeper into key areas of transformation. e.g. In the THRIVE course we cover BTM2 in a single 10 minute lesson. While our dedicated BTM2 course is based on over 300 pages of documented transformation methodology and contains many hours of video lessons.

What will I need to do to get my certificates?

We have adopted a variety of methods to evaluate the knowledge acquired after taking each course.

- DMI: You need to pass a 75 minute multiple choice exam of 75 randomly selected questions. Pass mark is 80%.

- THRIVE: You need to pass a 60 minute multiple choice exam of 75 randomly selected questions. Pass mark is 80%.

- BTM2: You need to pass a 75 minute multiple choice exam of 75 randomly questions. Pass mark is 70%.

- Digital Enterprise Transformation: You need to write a 2,500-word thesis which will be assessed. There is no time limit.

- Digital Customer Centricity Management: You need to read a case study and answer questions about it in 150 minutes.

- Change Management Deep Dive: You need to read a case study and answer questions about it in 150 minutes.

- Master Black Belt Thesis: After a consultation with Professor Uhl you need to write a 7,500 word thesis which will be assessed. There is no time limit.

Will the courses and certificates help me get better roles?

No course or certificate will secure a job for you. That responsibility will always be yours. These courses will equip you with the knowledge you need to guide and advise medium to large enterprises on how to plan and undertake transformation. When combined with your existing knowledge and experience, you can position yourself above those who have undergone little or no transformation training.