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Digital Transformation Certificate

Have you been wondering what it takes to be one of the people that are in high demand these days while others aren't? The truth is that Digital Transformation is one of the fastest growing and well-paid professions these days but most people have no professional credentials that verify their expertise.

This course has been designed by one of the world's leading digital transformation practitioners to teach you the many facets of digital transformation through an easy to understand set of guiding principles and best practices.

Through a series of 8 modules, this 100% online and self-paced course aims to teach you what is required to orchestrate a successful digital business transformation with companies that can afford to pay well.

Introduction to the Digital Transformation Course

Using an online platform, this course on digital transformation can be completed anywhere you are, which is an example of how the digital economy has changed the way we learn and create better lives for ourselves without the inconvenience and costs that old establishments impose on us.

The course modules will take you through six guiding principles of digital business transformation, which will help you to understand how transformation happens, while also enabling you to put these theories into action.

Each module consists of video lessons, transcripts and revision tests, which have proven to be a highly effective way of developing a solid understanding of the material. By the end of the course, you will have a working knowledge of what it takes to manage and lead transformation at large companies that have the ability to pay well for the right digital transformation expertise.

Upon passing the final exam at the end of the course, you get awarded your certificate of digital business transformation management, which is issued on the blockchain.

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What you will learn

Over the duration of this course the topics within the six guiding principles of digital business transformation will be explored. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation, along with how to manage and lead it.

This course will cover the following topics, which will include a breakdown of the basic concepts, as well as how each functions within the overarching theme of digital transformation:

Structured around THRIVE - the six guiding principles of digital business transformation - the course consists of eight modules.


10 Outcomes The Course Can Help You Achieve

1. Be among the small number of Certified Transformation Managers available

2. Secure cutting edge digital transformation initiatives to work on

3. Reassure hiring managers with your transformation knowledge and certification

4. Help teams work with one common approach to transformation

5. Remove resistance to innovate, digitise and transform

6. Get involved with initiatives that are both innovative and transformational

7. Move on from working with firms that lack budget, capability and ambition

8. Help executives recognise the real business value of your digital initiatives

9. Persuade executives to be more ambitious with both funding and innovation

10. Outperform your competition in the race for the best transformation roles

Who The Course is for

The course is for business and technology managers and leaders who want to thrive in the digital economy.

This includes but is not limited to business and technology managers and leaders such as CEO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO, COO, Project and Programme Managers, account managers and subject matter experts who want to step up from being down in the detail to transformation management leadership.

The course is for those who take their transformation profession seriously, and gain an independent certification that verifies their knowledge as a transformation professional.

Managers and Leaders from these and other companies have enrolled:

Course Outline

Module 1 - Transformation: Learn the fundamental difference between change and transformation, and how transformation is about creating a new future, without the constraints of the past. You innovate, digitise and transform. While change simply creates a better version of the past.

Module 2 - Holistic: Learn how transformation requires a fundamental shift in multiple components of an organisation. Governance, mindsets, business models, innovation, digital use cases, etc. THRIVE equips you to facilitate a Holistic approach to transformation, and avoid the blinkered and siloed approaches that many take.

Module 3 - Response: Learn how to help organisations respond strategically to the opportunities and threats they are presented with - both inside their organisation, and externally in the market. And how to encourage appropriate leadership mindsets, workforce culture and capabilities required to transform strategy into reality.

Module 4 - Innovation: Learn that while Cloud, Mobile, the Internet of Things and Robotics, etc. can bring about the most rewarding business transformation when used strategically, only through the innovative convergence of digital technologies can companies truly transform through new business models and ways of working.

Module 5 - Value: Understand that transformation happens to create value, and so value needs to be measured, which means transformation leaders need to ensure they are gathering the right data to measure both the tangible and intangible value of digital business transformation, and reporting it to executives.

Module 6 - Enterprise: Learn how transformation must encourage, embrace and educate people from across the enterprise and build a collaborative culture of new capabilities and mindsets. Opportunities to upgrade workforce capabilities need to be identified and people made to feel safe and comfortable about innovation, success and failure.

Module 7 - Roadmap: Learn how in a non-prescriptive manner, the THRIVE roadmap can help you draw upon the six THRIVE guiding principles and the body of knowledge in a way that works best for your organisation.

Module 8 - Exam: Prepare yourself using the revision tests in the seven previous modules to pass the final multiple choice online exam and become certified.

Why Take This Course

Digital Transformation Management Jobs Pay Extremely Well!

By taking our Digital Business Transformation Course you'll learn how to lead complex transformation at companies with workforces that range from 500 to several hundred thousand in size.

The fact that 1000's of transformations are now struggling, stalling or not even getting started, demonstrates the massive shortage of transformation management capability throughout the world. Many senior managers and leaders are suffering because while they understand how to manage and lead their "operational" business, they typically don't have the time, knowledge, or experience to successfully manage and lead the "transformation" of their business.

As a result, firms are willing to pay well for the new transformation management professionals they need to achieve strategic goals and satisfy stakeholders.

If it's time for you to acquire the knowledge and certification you need to enter or excel in one of the most exciting careers of the century, this training is for you. Not only will it help you secure the best transformation roles, it will also upgrade your capabilities so you can perform at your best in any current transformation role you might be undertaking.

By taking this course, you can acquire two components you need to be successful in your digital transformation management career: Knowledge and Certification - which in turn gives you credibility.

What Else The Course Will Help You Achieve

By taking this course, you will acquire the broad knowledge you need to confidently convey to companies, why you are the individual they need to help lead or manage their transformation. Transformation that executives need to focus and depend upon in the digital decade ahead - a critical component of their boardroom agenda.

By working your way through the course, you'll acquire the knowledge you need to innovate, digitise and transform any organisation in any industry, in any country. You'll exit the course with more transformation knowledge than most senior managers and leaders have these days.

Your expertise in digital transformation will be reflected in the Digital Transformation Management Certification you can acquire. This will set you apart from most professionals who currently lack any form of digital transformation training and certification. This will put you head and shoulders above others when applying for the most sought after transformation management roles.

Certification Verifiable on the Blockchain

Providing you answer at least 80% of questions correctly in the 75 minute online multiple choice exam, you will be awarded the Foundation Level Digital Business Transformation Management Certificate. This will immediately add credibility and weight to your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile, job interviews, internal promotions, and separate you from the crowd.

Your digital certificate will be registered on the BitCoin blockchain, cryptographically signed, and tamper proof. Powerful social sharing features enable you to quickly promote your credentials across 100's of social media channels.

Course Instructor

Rob Llewellyn is the founder of the CXO Transform education platform and a digital business transformation advisor. For over two decades he has helped companies such as SAP, Unilever, DHL, O2, and many others take commercial advantage of technology.

Rob is a highly successful international practitioner of transformation and the founder of a successful digital start-up. He is involved in the reality of digital business every day, unlike many course instructors who teach but don't practice.

He has helped thousands of people to upgrade their knowledge of digital transformation CEOs to Project Managers, in almost every industry throughout the world.


"In today’s changing business environment, I found this course in digital business transformation to be of great value. So many genuine concepts and framework that outline real world experience. I’d encourage others who are interested in digital business transformation to enroll and complete this course."

- Matt George | Australia | Director, Deloitte

"The course provides all the content needed to establish and make real progress in the digital transformation process. I appreciated the comprehensible THRiVE framework and the clear transformation roadmap - very valuable tools that I feel confident to use in current or future digital initiatives. The course is highly suitable to any leader embarking on a digital transformation journey within the company. With its holistic approach and covering a wide range of possible issues, it will bring focus, clarity and added value to their process."

- Mihaela-Cristina Radoi | Germany | Global Head of Finance, Commerzbank

"I really enjoyed the Digital Business Transformation Management course. I found specially interesting the THRIVE Framework, which provided a comprehensive view about the issues to reflect and to consider to successfully (and really) transform the business. I highly recommend the course to professionals interested in learning more about Digital Transformation and the ones exploring proactive approaches for digital disruption via new business models. In addition to the classes, a wealth of updated/latest thinking literature was provided. Great class! "

- Antonio Urquiza | USA| AVP Finance Transformation, Met Life

"Excellent content - very applicable to the role I am currently engaged on. Other transformation professionals should enroll in the course because it provides good insights and knowledge for digital programs."

- Uzair Waheed | Saudi Arabia | HR Digital Transformation Leader, Saudi Aramco

"The course did not disappoint me, as it comprehensively covered all the aspects what, why and how of digital business transformation, through the THRIVE framework. There are so many myths and stories that are floating around on this hot topic. A course like this is required for transformation professionals to ground their understanding on what is digital business transformation all about and how to go about maturing their knowledge and skills, to play their role in delivering a successful digital business transformation."

- Lakshmanan Subbiah | Australia | Director - Global Delivery, Fujitsu

"The structure of the course takes you through a holistic view Digital Transformation roadmap. The course connects many dots to the transformation leaders; weaving organisational change management, technology capabilities and portfolio management all together gave a clear and crisp perspective on how to plan for successful business transformation."

- Mohamed Marwan | United Arab Emirates | Digital Solutions Director, GE Healthcare

"This course provides a holistic perspective of all aspects of digital transformation management. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in understanding proactive approaches to digital disruption through new and innovative business models"

- Benita C. Meiser | USA | Business Transformation Technology Leader, ABM

"The THRIVE framework is Digital Transformation not only demystified, but explained with such an effortless clarity. For those who feel confused or lost in the Digital Transformation/DIsruption ocean, THRIVE will surely bring a relief. The Framework's author managed to go through the breath and depth of the matter, and come up with a sound, complete, well structured and condensed mix of the very substance of Digital Transformation. Not to mention that course is presented in a very digest format."

- Derrulex Djoukwai | Netherlands | Enterprise Architect, Accenture

"We are living in a world where understanding of underlying concepts of digital transformation management is crucial. That's why I found specially interesting the THRIVE Framework, which provide holistic but authentic perspective on all the dimensions to successfully transform your business."

- Alessio Baljak | Switzerland | Corporate Business Innovation, MSC Cruises

"Other professionals should take the course and certification exam to have their digital transformation experience validated by an independent neutral party. They should look at this certification like the PMP for project managers."

- Joe Talik | USA | Digital Transformation Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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