How to Build a LinkedIn Opportunity System

Learn to attract new transformation-focused employers or customers - without the frustration of old-fashioned job search techniques that don't work

Learn to exploit digital tools and techniques and get your next employer or client to want YOU.

"Digital transformation professionals need to be transforming the way they create new opportunities for themselves. Particularly when they expect the companies they work with to do something similar.

The irony is that 95% of digital transformation professionals over the age of 35 don't use digital themselves to create new opportunities - and many suffer as a result. Low-paid, dull work or long spells without work are some of the painful consequences.

This easy to implement LinkedIn system will enable you to bid farewell to antiquated ways of finding work and operate like a real digital economy professional."

- Rob Llewellyn | Founder of CXO Transform


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Rob Llewellyn
Rob Llewellyn

Rob Llewellyn is the founder of the CXO Transform education platform and a digital business transformation advisor. For over two decades he has helped leading companies such as SAP, Unilever, DHL, McKesson, and many others take commercial advantage of technology.

He is the founder of the CXO Transform online digital transformation courses where thousands of people have upgraded their knowledge of digital transformation - many of whom also take the CXO Transform online certification exams. Managers and leaders from Deloitte, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, GE, Aramco, Atos, Accenture, AstraZeneca, and dozens of other well-known multi-nationals seek advice and guidance from Rob.

In 2018 alone Rob has been invited to address executive conference hall audiences of up to 500 people in UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Peru, Malaysia, and other countries.

In 2014 Rob was awarded Global Business Transformation Master status by SAP as a trusted C-suite advisor. He is regularly invited by governments and large multi-nationals to provide advice and guidance to operational leaders who need to orchestrate significant transformation.

Rob is the creator of this digital education platform and he works with leading professors and thought leaders in his mission to help as many professionals as possible to perform at their best when faced with the challenge of transformation and change.

He is the co-author of several digital transformation publications and has written over 600 posts at robllewellyn.com and other sites. He has been ranked as the world's 3rd most influential digital transformation individual and is said to be one of the most prolific practicing digital transformation advisors on social media.

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