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Dubai 2018 | The Certified Digital Transformation Practitioner Course

14 - 18 October 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel, in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates, UAE

Online Learning PLUS: 5 Days of Classroom-Based Training

In Association with Informa Middle East and Professor Samir El-Masri

This course will enable delegates to understand how to create a new digital business model to offer new business values that disrupt the market.

As it was impossible for an organisation to continue operating with papers without using computers, the Internet and electronic forms in the late 20th century, it is now impossible for organisations to survive and succeed without moving into a digital economy in this century.

Digital transformation is the mechanism to move to the next level of the evolution, by leveraging the new emerging digital technologies and identifying new digital business models. This creates new values of products/services, prices, customer experiences and platforms. Every organisation must adopt the digital transformation to create the market disruption otherwise it will be disrupted by others and, ultimately, might be put out of business – which is exactly what happened with Nokia, Blackberry, Kodak and many others.

This course will let attendees understand the true meaning of digital transformation. They will learn and think about the strategy and execution of digital transformation and the necessary elements to succeed. Trainees will be exposed to the Transformation, Holistic, Response, Innovation, Value, Enterprise (THRIVE) approach and the clear structured roadmap of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is not an option or choice; it is a destiny for all organisations.