Digital Transformation Career Blueprint

A blueprint to undertake your personal career transformation and thrive in the digital economy


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Almost every company has aspirations to innovate, digitise and transform their business, but most lack the digital transformation management expertise they need to do it right. The result is that many firms are suffering severely from this gap.

If you want to position yourself to help fill this capability gap and secure the best digital transformation roles, use our Digital Transformation Career Blueprint to:

1. Acquire new digital transformation knowledge

2. Discover what determines digital transformation career success

3. Learn the six guiding principles of digital business transformation


  Digital Transformation Career Success Factors
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Who is the Digital Transformation Career Blueprint for?

Short answer: It's for professionals who invest in themselves in order to thrive in a digital economy transformation management career.

Long answer: below ...

Professionals aiming for promotion

If you get overlooked when promotions to the best digital transformation roles arise in your company, it's possible you need new digital transformation knowledge, training and credentials, that will distinguish you from your peers as being the obvious choice for that next role.

Professionals looking for a new job

If you are searching for a new role with a new company, then digital transformation is high on the list of prerequisites that employers are looking for. But you need to stand out from the dozens of others that are applying for the same jobs.

Professionals who need to perform at their best

If you are an operational manager or leader who is expected to manage and lead transformation without adequate transformation experience or training, you might be unintentionally making some serious mistakes. This could put your job, career and reputation in jeopardy.

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