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5-Day Digital Transformation Challenge

Get clearer on how to innovate strategically, plan, prepare for, and execute digital transformation

The Challenge Starts Monday 13 March 2017

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Join this 5-day Digital Transformation Challenge and get a step-by-step workbook and exercises to help you innovate strategically, plan, prepare for and execute digital transformation "successfully".

The fact that thousands of transformations are struggling, not getting started or failing, demonstrates the massive shortage of transformation capability today.

What company will you help steer towards transformation success?

You'll get clearer on how to:

1. Innovate Strategically

2. Create Digital Use Cases

3. Establish Business Value

4. Assess Transformation Readiness

5. Execute Successfully

5 Challenges Over 5 Days

The 5-day challenge will help you begin to acquire the clarity and knowledge you need to lead transformation, which needs to be a core component of the boardroom agenda.